The trifocal* AddOn® lens might be an option for you if…

You have already had cataract surgery with intraocular lens implantation.

You find wearing glasses uncomfortable during everyday activities such as reading, cooking or driving.

Your doctor has qualified you as a good candidate for a secondary implant.

Visual comfort with the trifocal* AddOn®

The trifocal* AddOn® lens is a supplementary intraocular lens, designed to achieve:

Less spectacle dependence for daily activities

Improved visual quality

Seamless vision at near, intermediate and far distances


Sharp distance vision with a Monofocal Intraocular Lens.

Blurry near and intermediate vision

Sharp Near vision with spectacles.

Blurry intermediate and distance vision

Trifocal*AddOn®  + Your Primary Lens

Seamless vision at all distances

Sharp distance vision with a Monofocal Intraocular Lens.

Blurry near and intermediate vision

Sharp Near vision with spectacles.

Blurry intermediate and distance vision

Trifocal* AddOn®  + Your Primary Lens

Seamless vision at all distances

Disclaimer: The above visualizations are for demonstrative purposes only. Individual results may vary.

How does the trifocal* AddOn® work?

The Trifocal* AddOn® lens is placed in front of your primary intraocular lens which was previously implanted during your cataract surgery. Together the lenses form a dual lens system.





The functional interaction between the AddOn® lens and your primary lens allows for a fine-tuned correction and optimization of your visual performance for near, intermediate and far distance vision.

The procedure is very similar to cataract surgery. It can be executed months or even years after implantation of your primary lens.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a two-lens system resolve my visual discomfort?

The way the two-lens system works can be clearly explained with the similarity of the eye with modern precision cameras. Advanced camera objectives use a group of different lenses to achieve optimal imaging performance. The two-lens solution with the AddOn® lens follows this principle: The trifocal* AddOn® lens can add the desired and required visual functions for far, near and intermediate vision.

How do I know if I am suitable for the implantation of the AddOn® lens?

The assessment of whether you are eligible for the AddOn® lens is based on prior examinations and a consultation with your ophthalmologist. If you qualify for the lens procedure, your specialist will determine which lens combination fits your individual needs best.

What about the implantation?

The implantation of the lens is quite similar to cataract surgery. However, here, a thin AddOn® lens is placed in front of the primary intraocular lens in a minimally invasive procedure. Your anesthesiologist and ophthalmologist will inform you in detail about the upcoming steps and examinations before surgery.

Will AddOn® lens make me see sharp again in all distances without the use of glasses?

The desire for spectacle independence in everyday life can be made possible by modern eye surgery and the use of the AddOn® lens combination. However, as individual vision requirements may vary widely, the result may not always be 100% satisfactory. If at all, glasses will usually only be necessary in exceptional cases.

Are the costs of the operation covered by the health insurance?

Usually, the health insurance does not cover the surgery. Whether your private health insurance covers the costs, you can clarify directly with your institution. On request, you will receive a cost quotation from your institution in advance.

About us

Rüdiger Dworschak

The AddOn® Story

This is the inventor of the 1stQ AddOn® lens – Dipl.-Ing. Rüdiger Dworschak. Having worn glasses for many decades, Mr. Dworschak decided to undergo the AddOn® implantation procedure in both eyes with the Trifocal* AddOn® lens. His two main reasons for undergoing the AddOn® procedure were his desire to live an active life free of spectacles and the proven safety of his invention that has been used worldwide for almost a decade.
After the surgery, he reported achieving full visual freedom during sports, at the table or during monitor reading, and having got rid of all the hassle, discomfort and limitations with glasses.

Medicontur Group

Medicontur and 1stQ are independent European medical device manufacturers with a combined experience of over 50 years in the development and manufacture of safe and reliable intraocular lens solutions for patients around the world.

With offices based in Mannheim (Germany), Geneva (Switzerland), Lyon (France), Brno (Czech Republic), Madrid (Spain) and manufacturing sites at the heart of Europe, the companies bring together women and men whose skills are at the service of a demanding, continuous policy of quality, safety and innovation.

*: The trifocal AddOn lens is based on the publication of Palomino Bautista C: Long Term Experience with the 1stQ AddOn® Trifocal Supplementary Intraocular Lens; ESCRS 2019

Medicontur Group (1stQ International and Medicontur) cannot offer medical advice to members of the public. For such advice you should consult a medical professional. Not all of our products are approved for sale in every country. Please contact your local Clinic or your Medicontur or 1stQ distributor for details of which products are available in your area.